Saturday, September 23, 2006

Savile Row

Ben and I got laughed out of Turnbull & Asser.


Dickwad said...

Really? Tell us more!

Nat Hansen said...

The little shirt expert in the basement of T&A pointed out, with complete disgust, that their off the rack shirts wouldn't fit me because they tended to be 'blousy'. I asked if I could try one on anyway.

I put on their trial 15 1/2 blue shirt and stepped out of the dressing room. The shirt expert gave be a thorough scan while he stood about 10' away with his arms crossed.

'Yes. Your body is too small for your head, and the shirt is blousy. As you can see, it looks like rubbish'.

I looked down at the folds of the shirt billowing out over my trousers. He seemed right. About the shirt, at least.

'Do you have a slim fit?' I asked. (I have some slim fit shirts that are off the rack that looked much better than the T&A shirt.)

The shirt expert snorted a little bit, and said: 'If you want a slim fit, you'll have to go down to [cough] Thomas Pinks. And there they'll probably even tell you it looks good'.

Fair enough. Ben and I had been warned that the reception at T&A might be 'frosty'. Even so, we didn't have the presence of mind or the will to give the shirt expert a little static in return.

Instead, we thanked him profusely and ran out of the shop.

Ant said...

I am loving reading this