Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mid-Century, Middlebrow

The London Design Museum. The main exhibit was a multiroom display of Formula 1 racecars and short videos about the history of Formula 1. The cars were cool, especially the early ones. The exhibit conveyed the formidable complexity of the car's design. And I learned that the exhaust pipes of the cars have to be made out of something like titanium because they glow red hot when they're being used.

The permanent exhibition on the top floor was more of what I expected--lots of mid century chairs in lucite display cases, copies of The Face, old Man Ray posters for the Underground, a TV playing a loop of classic British TV opening sequences (can't get the Dr. Who music out of my head), a Morris Minor and Mini, and some strange orange colored 3-wheeled car.

This is the kind of museum that doesn't demand too much of you.


The Enforcer said...

If you diss the Design Museum, you diss yourself!

Nat Hansen said...

I was hardly dissing it. It was cool, and I had as much fun looking at the stuff there as I did at the British Library's excellent exhibits.