Friday, September 22, 2006

English Food Review, Part III: English Breakfast

The English breakfast pictured above is from some café in Soho--can't remember the name. Maybe Ben can remind me. Parts of it were good, other parts not so great. The sausage was very nice, not at all bready, and the beans were pretty solid, though you can see the wartime rationing size of the beans portion. Bacon (hidden under the toast) and eggs were forgettable. Toast was nice, and there was plenty of it. But the potato squares were a bit soggy, and the mushrooms were cold and clammy. But, even so, this succeeded in briefly satisfying my E.B. desire.

This is more like it. Brown's café in Oxford's covered market. I had never been into Brown's before this trip, partly because the interior looks a little seedy. But it served up a near-perfect E.B. Sausage was a bit bready and only so-so; beans sweet and good, egg perfectly over medium; bacon some of the best I've had--incredibly salty with perfectly crispy fat; fried toast, however, was the highlight. Almost like a dessert.

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