Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Oberkommando des Heeres

Another interesting detail about Austin's notes for How to Do Things With Words I noticed:

The cover page for his Harvard lectures in 1952-1953 (lectures VII, VIII, IX, X (1952) lectures VIII, IX, X, XI (1953)) (p.101 in the volume) is a heavy stock piece of purple paper that Austin must have picked up during his time in the intelligence services in World War II.

The cover looks like this:

Oberkommando des Heeres
Uttering and Acting

'Oberkommando des Heeres' translates as 'Army Supreme Command', and 'Personalamt' is something like 'Personnel Office', while 'Personalakten' are 'Personal Files'. Austin has written in his own information in the spaces provided on the cover sheet. This strikes me as hilarious.

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