Sunday, February 04, 2007

Going Up to Evanston

Getting from Hyde Park to Evanston is tough. The trip is even more painful when it's one degree outside. We made it today in a little over an hour and a half, with the help of our friend Naria who picked us up and drove us from the Howard El stop to her place. We watched the Superbowl.

The door leading up to the Metra tracks was covered in ice flakes.

The Metra at 53rd street. Time to downtown is about 25 minutes.

The Red Line to Howard, the end of the line, took about 45 minutes. The temperature inside the train dropped about 45 degrees at each stop when the doors opened.

Huddling under the heat lamps at the Howard stop.

End of the red line.

Super Bears.

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Charles P. Everitt said...

That looks horrible.

I actually regretted wearing khakis to the Super Bowl party I went to, because it was too warm for them. Should've worn shorts.