Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Facets Videotheque

The Facets Marquee.

Entrance to Facets videotheque.

The "House of Carradine": movies featuring John, David, Robert or Keith Carradine.

Mr. Submarine parking lot: where you park when you go to Facets.

I made the absurd trip from Hyde Park to Facets (Metra to Randolph, walk to the Randolph brown line El, take the El to Fullerton, walk seven blocks from the El stop to facets, then repeat everything in reverse--except I took a cab back from downtown rather than the Metra) to return five different versions of Hamlet I checked out about a week ago to use in my Phil Perspectives class. If I didn't return them yesterday I would have been charged another $50, I think. I was hoping that after I returned the movies I could cross the street and get an ice cream from the Oberweis ice cream shop. But it has been turned into a Re/Max realtor, so I had to walk back to the El without any ice cream.


Charles P. Everitt said...

Do you remember the time we went to Oberweis and the front door was covered with plywood? When I asked why, our server told us a great story. She said that the back of the store had suddenly flooded with raw sewage and they had forced all the customers in the store to leave immediately. But a small group of disgruntled yuppies were so upset that they weren't going to get their ice cream that they kicked in the glass door. My favorite part of the story was that she seemed to see this behavior on their part as entirely predictable.

Nat Hansen said...

I don't know if I remember being there or if I just remember you telling me about it.

I wonder if the raw sewage had anything to do with their closing. Or maybe it was the yuppies.