Thursday, February 15, 2007

Free Trade Coffee

Coffee canisters in the Divinity School coffee shop. As you can see, the coffee on the right is "Organic/Fair Trade Coffee". A cup of the Fair Trade coffee costs about 25¢ more than regular. I think the regular actually tastes better than the Fair Trade. All of my attempts to order the regular coffee by calling it "Free Trade" have failed, resulting in the clerks charging me as if I ordered the Fair Trade kind.


Charles P. Everitt said...

Did I ever tell you about my participation in a search for shade-grown coffee plants in the jungles of Uganda? The Sierra Club had claimed that wild coffee plants were growing naturally in shaded areas of the jungle, and could be harvested by locals with little or no impact on the jungle ecosystem. It took us the whole day, but eventually we found one such plant. Sadly, this low-impact harvesting method was also low-yield.

Nat Hansen said...

No, I haven't heard that one before. You should start compiling some of your explorer's club type anecdotes.