Tuesday, August 15, 2006


The 'squire center in Fresno used to be called the 'Esquire Center', but a lawsuit from Esquire magazine put an end to that. Note the identical typeface. Those in charge of the 'squire center saved money by just removing the 'E' from the sign and changing the name of the shopping center, instead of cooking up a new name and logo. (See Fresno Sketchbook by Doug Hansen for more information.)


Anonymous said...

Why would Esquire magazine care so much about a strip mall in Fresno? Maybe they veiwed Equire center as just the first is a series of copyright violations?

Nat Hansen said...

I assume they were concerned about brand dilution, as Coke is when it sends agents around to see if restaurants are serving Pepsi or RC when people ask for a Coke.

Melody would know for sure.