Wednesday, August 23, 2006

CPS on Roadfood

They just approved my review of the Chicken Pie shop over at Roadfood.

Update: Screenshot of CPS as restaurant of the day:


Charles P. Everitt said...

Damn you! I've always wanted to post a review on roadfood. In fact, I even wrote one out once, during a very long and tiresome lecture. But then I misplaced it. I'll have to rewrite it, I know. But it was so good.

As it is, I used chowhound more than roadfood now. The wisdom of the masses!

Charles P. Everitt said...

"use" not "used"! What's wrong with me? I haven't even started drinking yet tonight.

Nat Hansen said...

Well, you're the reason I read Roadfood in the first place.

There are a few other places that clearly deserve Roadfood entries, but don't have them. I'm working on one for Ribs and Bibs.

What were you doing a review of?

Nat Hansen said...

I also signed up to Chowhound, which I've looked at a little bit. I even wrote a response to a request about food in Oxford and reported on where to get the best coffee in Hyde Park.

Is there a way to get reviews for specific restaurants on Chowhound?

Charles P. Everitt said...

I wrote a review of that torta place I discovered in south west Chicago. You know, the place attached to the bakery. Those tortas are delish!

As for Chowhound, you've just got to use the search function to find a discussion of the restaurant you're looking for. So far, in looking at DC Metro area, NYC metro area, LA metro area, and Philly, I've found that someone has already commented on whatever it is I'm wondering about. It's much more comprehensive than roadfood.