Monday, December 22, 2008

Cyclone Soccer Club Pin Collection

Cyclone Pin Sheet, originally uploaded by Nat Hansen.

This is my complete collection (from early 80s to early 90s) of soccer pins from the Cyclone Soccer Club, Fresno, California. I played for the following squads from roughly 1988 to 1994:

-Hailens [sic]

My brother played for the following teams between 1992 and 1994:

Rarities include the misprinted "sTORm" pin, the red on gray "Thunder" pin, and the gold "Fury" pin.

Doug Hansen designed the "Storm", "Thunder", "Hailens", "Lightning", "Quakes", "Kamikaze", "Hurricane" and "Blast" pins.


Rabbit Fighter said...

I recently dug out all of my soccer pins. Quite a few cyclone pins. I remember trading these things was like a little economy back when I was a kid. I have quite a lot of Cyclones and a lot of Classic F.C.s. These were the big clubs when I was in Colorado. My question is, is there a forum, or any organized place that discusses these pins that you know of?

Nat Hansen said...

That is a very good question. My limited searching online hasn't turned anything up--you'd think that there'd be a market for these things, given that there must be people still interested in them. There must be thousands and thousands of pins out there.

Was Classic F.C. a Colorado club? Cyclone was from Fresno, CA. I remember the Renegades pins being sought after. I think they were from somewhere in the southwest.

Kyle Mosher said...

I too am going back and looking at some old soccer pins from my collecting days here in CO. Any chance you have extras or would be willing to sell some/all of your collection? Hit me up at

PS Classic F.C's were from New Mexico.