Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wild West Wild Ride

My dad, Doug Hansen, is starting to put up some of his work on his new website: DougHansenArt. He is a master of a variety of different media: watercolor, oil paint, pen and ink, and whimsical constructions. My favorite pieces are his toys, two examples of which I've included here. Above: Wild West Wild Ride (1974). When you turn the crank, the horse gallops, the rider's pistol appears to raise into the air from the recoil of firing it, and the yellowed southwestern scenery in the background rolls by in an unending circle.

Below is Fierce Face (2001), a rocking dreadnought with prominent rivets and trainable turrets. Note the side-facing secondary armament.


wyeth said...

dad is the best. He told me he's going to start a blog about 'how it used to be' or something along those lines. Can't wait to read that stuff.

Nat Hansen said...

Man, that would be fantastic. I'm just thinking about how dad has about 35 years of material to put on his website.

Anonymous said...

My absolute favorite is sputnik dog. I think his old comics would be great to post as well.

Nat Hansen said...

Yes, Laika's Apotheosis is also one of my favorites. The hotrod flames make it extraordinary.

He has also posted some of his old comics on his website.