Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Calumet Fisheries

Calumet Fisheries is right next to the 95th street bridge, which is the one that Jake and Elwood jump across at the beginning of the Blues Brothers. CF serves both fried fish and shrimp dinners and smoked seafood by the pound. The smoked shrimp and chubs are far superior to the fried dinners, though the dinners were perfectly delicious. We didn't see any eel on the menu, though it was listed on the side of the building.

There was some limited barge traffic cruising underneath the bridge, and we spotted a lower-lying bridge, to the north, being raised as the barges drew near. If you look closely at the second barge picture, you can see the captain waving at Melody.

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Steve Gardberg said...

Calumet Fisheries now has a website - http://www.calumetfisheries.com.

Thanks, Steve