Friday, February 29, 2008

The Second World

My good friend Parag wrote a book on geopolitics that's coming out this month. He was nice enough to give me an advance copy. I was surprised to see that the cover had been changed--an earlier version (which is still the cover that comes up on Goodreads) features a globe-themed rubik's cube. Parag said that they actually made that rubik's cube and he now owns it.


Eric said...

Hey man. I'm gonna be in Chicago for a conference in early April. Would you and M. be up for grabbing a drink?

Nat Hansen said...

Hey Eric,

Melody and I are living in DC this year. We occasionally go back to Chicago, so if we're around when you're there, we should definitely hang out.

Going to be in DC anytime soon?

Eric said...

Hmm, I drive to Virginia pretty frequently (about once a month or so), so I might make a pit stop in DC. I'll let you know.