Friday, February 15, 2008

The Leavey Center's Rooftop Plaza

This space is located three stories above ground.

Georgetown's Leavey Center, an unremarkable, if not ugly, late-80s combination of student center, hotel, and parking garage, has one redeeming feature: its rooftop plaza. And almost no one uses it, or even knows it's there. You reach it by walking through unmarked fire doors and climbing up two flights of steps that reek of cigarette smoke--workers and students obviously retreat into the stairwell for a quick smoke when they don't want to go outside. When you reach the third floor, you discover a deserted collection of lawns, an arbor, and brick walkways, with views of the main campus to the east and north and the hospital to the west.

The construction site for Georgetown's new business school, viewed from Leavey's rooftop.

Looking north towards the Reiss science building.

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