Friday, August 31, 2007

Santa Barbara Shellfish Company

The Santa Barbara Shellfish Company is at the end of the Santa Barbara pier, in a spot where you'd expect to find only tourist tat and terrible food. But, surprisingly, the food is pretty good, and you can sit just feet from the water. The seagull scavengers were preoccupied with a big dumpster we passed on the way in so they left us alone.

We didn't know the difference between spider crab and rock crab so the waiter brought us a sample of a spider crab. It was thrashing around.

(Photo by Melody)

The waiter said that the four pound spider crab he was holding wouldn't be enough food for two people. Instead, he recommended two orders of the rock crab special. Two orders of the special was more food than we could possibly eat.

The crab was good, and fun to disassemble. But I had forgotten that eating an enormous amount of crab becomes a chore and the sweetness of the crab eventually becomes cloying. I longed for more onion rings or something else salty to offset the sweetness of the crab.


Eric said...

If you venture one hour north to Santa Maria and you happen to find yourself at the Town Center Mall, you can say hi to my parents. They own the plus-size women's clothing store.

Eric said...

Should that be women's plus-size clothing store? Is it somehow more tactful to refer to the size of the clothing as opposed to the size of those who wear it?

Zedder said...


Melody said...

I offered to get you more onion rings.

Nat Hansen said...

Yeah, I remember. But by that time I was too full.