Thursday, August 30, 2007

La Super-Rica

La Super-Rica in Santa Barbara.

We waited probably 45 minutes for lunch, and it was more or less worth it. I really didn't mind the waiting, since I had company. I think the long wait is explained by the tiny kitchen:

Once we ordered, the food was ready quickly (with the exception of a gordita which took about ten minutes). The corn tortillas smelled fantastic and the pinto beans were spicy and savory. Our favorite item was the roasted pepper and cheese item in the upper left corner of the picture below, but the beef and pork tacos were also good. We were worried when the food arrived that it wouldn't be enough, because the tacos are small. But we learned that there was plenty of food and that we're not particulary good at estimating how much is required to satisfy our appetite.

If it were raining, the wait probably would have been shorter.


Zedder said...

Well, even in the rain Ben and I still waited at least 1/2 an hour and the "covered" seating area leaked directly onto our table, which made for exciting eating. Did you try their cheese tacos? I wasn't impressed. I liked one of the simpler beef tacos I had the best.

Nat Hansen said...

I liked the pinto beans (the soupy looking stuff in the foreground). I didn't try the cheese tacos. I liked the beef, too, but I thought the roasted pepper one was the best.