Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fish & Chips in Santa Monica

Ye Olde King's Head pub and restaurant in Santa Monica. B Chan suggested that we have lunch at this place.

The fish and chips were decent. The chips/fries were crispy and substantial, and I liked the chunky tartar sauce. But the fish suffered from over-battering. And the batter was crunchy, rather than crispy. There was about 1/2 inch of batter you had to crunch through before you got to the cod, which was sweet and nice (and "fresh from Iceland"). Compare the look of the batter on the fish to this, for example. The batter on English fish and chips is almost translucent.

We also tried their mushy peas (too watery, not pulverized enough), and their rhubarb crumble. I asked for the Bird's custard to be placed on the side, because it usually smothers the taste of the crumble under a pale yellow mass of super-sweet pudding-like stuff (that's "pudding" in the American sense). But this rhubarb crumble might have benefitted from the Bird's camoflauge, because it wasn't very impressive looking.

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E. Fiction said...

I had bad fish and chips in Brooklyn. Very greasy and oily.

I have to admit, I often like thick batters on various food items. Fried carbs are good.