Sunday, July 01, 2007

Austin et la question du réalisme

The University of Picardie, Jules Verne hosted a very enjoyable conference on J.L. Austin's Sense and Sensibilia last month in Amiens.

In the background is Amiens cathedral. I took this shot of the town from the top of a 30 foot tall rope jungle gym shaped like the Eiffel Tower:

Amiens has an impressive cathedral. The exterior is covered in carved vignettes. This one is a good symbol for the conference--the saint is at what looks like a podium and the guy listening to him looks like he wants to raise an objection:

Some scenes from the conference. J. Benoist, B. Ambroise, and J. Elliott.

O. Massin, C. Asaleh, C. Ramond, C. Travis, S. Laugier, and a nice woman whose name I don't recall.

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