Friday, October 13, 2006

Ribs N Bibs

I ate at Ribs and Bibs three times this week. It's the default late night Hyde Park eatery. When I move out of Hyde Park, I think I will really miss Ribs N Bibs.

With a few exceptions, the walls are covered with autographed photos of local celebrities, politicians and what I assume are family members.

I would like to ask why Ribs and Bibs has a western theme.

The hickory smoker.


Harold's isn't as good as Leon's said...

Why no photo of your dinner itself?

I have to say, Ribs 'n' Bibs is what I most miss about Hyde Park eatin'.

Nat Hansen said...

There's no picture of food in this post because I've posted a picture of what I usually order already here.

I'm planning on doing a Roadfood entry on Ribs N Bibs. Interested in collaborating?

enablingfiction said...

I actually preferred Kenny's Chicken & Ribs up on 49th.