Sunday, October 29, 2006

The 7th Best Pool in the US

Jenny's friend works for some lifestyle magazine or something like that and gave us a video of the 10 best pools in the US. The Aerie pool was #7.


Charles P. Everitt said...

Is there a link to the list? I'd like to see what the other 9 are, and what the 6 that somehow beat out yours could possibly be like.

Nat Hansen said...

I can't find a link to the list, but I did find a youtube clip from the show the pool was featured on:

Big Splash

The pools that beat out the Aerie pool are a mixed bag. Most are totally ridiculous.

The only pool that really competes is #6, which is a rooftop pool on the top of some building in Manhattan.

#5 is in Vegas: 2300 square feet, with weird light effects, a view of the city, an enormous crystal ball floating in the middle, and a leather-clad sunken lounge with fire pit and hidden TV. It looks like a high-tech pool of vomit.

#4 is even more idiotic. It's just a big kiddie pool with a pirate cave that you have to access via an underwater tunnel.

#3 is just a his/hers pair of pools in San Diego. The woman's pool is shallow. The dude's is deep. Who cares.

#2 is an olympic size infinity pool in San Diego.

#1: Is "extreme"--it has a rope swing and a big water slide. In effect, it's a big potential lawsuit.