Friday, May 27, 2005

Plan for Dissertation, Stage One

Here is a stab at what the dissertation might look like. It might end up as maybe just a few of the following:

Varieties of Sense

1. Fregean Sense & Rationality (What notion of rationality is presupposed in Frege's arguments for sense? Are there alternatives?)
2. Sense and Self-Knowledge (Are we immediately aware of identity and difference of senses? What conception of self-knowledge does that require?)
3. Sense and Linguistic Meaning (Does sense capture what is essential to linguistic meaning?)
4. Sense and Cognitive Value (Does sense capture what is essential to cognitive significance in different areas: perception, action explanation, etc.?)
5. Neo-Wittgenstein (Travis) on Fregean Sense
6. Three Versions of the The Intuitive Criterion of Difference (Leibniz's Law, Evans's Criterion, Campbell's Criterion)
7. Skepticism in the ICD?
9. Rationality Revisited: Dynamic, Social, Worldly

Some online resources: hums/philosophy/staff/ignorance.pdf

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