Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Z & H

(Pictured above: the Melody breakfast sandwich, consisting of corned beef, swiss cheese and egg on french bread.)

The best thing to happen to Hyde Park since the re-opening of Hyde Park Produce in the former 53rd Street Co-Op is the arrival of Z&H on 47th street. First off, its the only place to get Clover coffee on the south side. Second, Everything that we get there is good: sandwiches, cookies, coffee, root beer, cheese, ice cream, cereal, scones, etc. I got a scone from Z&H that was so good that eating it immobilized me while my cat escaped from the apartment and jumped on the neighbor's roof, where she got stuck. After I finished the scone, I had to climb out and rescue her. Finally, if you go there often enough, the guys who run the place, Sam and Tim, will learn your name and say "hi" when you walk in and "bye" when you leave.

The sandwiches at Z&H are better than those at the fancy sandwich restaurant that just opened in Wicker Park, and they are half as expensive.

Pictured below is the Jackie Treehorn breakfast sandwich: brie and paté on toasted croissant.


chauncey said...

That all sounds delicious. Here in Carlisle, the specialty is sandwiches made on pretzel rolls. These rolls have the golden brown look of a pretzel and roughly the same shape, though there aren't the gaps. They taste sweeter than pretzels and are usually pretty doughy. I wish we had a good place to eat.

There's a place about 15 miles from here that makes a decent philly cheeseteak. Right next door they sell ballpark style pretzels, which are substantial and good.

Nat Hansen said...

Yeah, Z&H does a pretty good sandwich on a pretzel roll, but its range of application is much more limited than, say, french bread.

I do wish there was a good banh mi somewhere around here.