Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mobile Lounges

Mobile Lounges, originally uploaded by Nat Hansen.

At Dulles airport, these shuttles effect a dramatic break from the hectic, stressful space of ticketing and security to the more serene world of the departure gates. In Eero Saarinen's plans for Dulles, he called these shuttles "Mobile Lounges", and according to Eero Saarinen: An Architecture of Multiplicity, they "became the basis not only for the functional scheme Saarinen developed for the whole Dulles Terminal, but also for the stylistic concept he created for the building, both inside and out".

There is a special variety of mobile lounge, distinguishable in terms its two masts, called the "Plane Mate", that is able to dock directly with aircraft.

I'm flying out of Dulles tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to the ride on the mobile lounge.


Arlington Jane said...

I love the mobile lounges and did not know they figured in the original design of Dulles (my absolute favorite airport). When you are really tired it's such a relief not to have to walk a mile like you do at some other airports. On the other hand, my better(?) half hates them and doesn't see the virtue in this convenience.

Nat Hansen said...

I always liked them too. The wikipedia entry on Dulles has some information on the Lounges.