Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Faidley Sea Food in Lexington Market

Lexington Market is Baltimore's central covered market. It's crammed with food stalls selling seafood and cakes and BBQ and chicken. It appears in an episode of the second season of the Wire, when McNulty takes his kids and they tail Stringer Bell out to his car. It also contains possibly the best crab cakes in the world.

I have more pictures to post, but blogger is uploading incredibly slowly, so I'll put them up later.


Susan B. Anthony said...

Their crabcakes are good... but who likes to eat standing up? Have you tried Carlyle in Shirlington or the Blue Duck Tavern in DC? They are just as good and the surroundings are certainly more comfortable.

Nat Hansen said...

Though I don't mind eating while standing up, I'd prefer to have a place to go for crab in DC rather than driving all the way to Baltimore. I look forward to checking those places out.

Antonia said...

Hmmm. Found this site while looking for info about crabcakes. I went to U of Chicago back in the 80's, and left to work in politics. Your site brought back many memories. I'm very interested in how political information is absorbed (or not) by the listener depending on the context in which it is delivered. Any recommendations for reading on this topic?

Nat Hansen said...

This isn't my speciality, but are you familiar with the George Lakoff stuff that was really big five or six years ago?

Like this:

Don't Think of an Elephant

That book's not great, but it applies some stuff from cognitive science that involves the way we pick up information in context to political issues.

Also try this nice survey of the Lakoff material and its political use from the NYT magazine:

The Framing Wars

It mentions some of the background material that you could follow up on.