Saturday, November 17, 2007

Check Please: Poochie's

I reviewed Poochie's for the new Check Please segment on NBC 5 in Chicago. The review is one minute long. I don't say anything interesting, and I use the phrase "down home", which isn't the way I normally talk. They cut out the part where, as an indication of my competence in judging hamburger quality, I say that I've tasted the full range of burgers available in Chicago, from the deluxe foie gras topped burger at Sweets and Savories to the ones offered at Jimmy's Woodlawn Tap.

I wanted to review Alinea, but they just laughed at me when I suggested it.

Poochie's was Zed's original find.


e. fiction said...

Dude, that was pretty sweet. Maybe you'll get discovered and Food Network will give you your own show. It should be called "The Hungry Professor," and I could do a guest segment.

Nat Hansen said...


Though it'll have to be called "The Hungry Grad Student" until I get this dissertation done.

nate said...

Nice! How did you get on the show?

I love the cheesy "stock music" that food shows put over their clips. They have that on a lot of "The Minimalist"'s clips from the New York Times' website, too.

My girlfriend Jen teaches at a school really near Poochies. I'm gonna have to suggest a trip there soon.

Nat Hansen said...

I tried to get on the regular Check Please show on PBS first. I had a phone interview about a year ago, proposing Alinea. But I didn't get a callback. Then they invited me and a bunch of other people to do short interviews for the NBC 5 and the web this summer.

It's definitely worth checking out if you're already up in Skokie.