Monday, October 22, 2007

Prada Marfa

Melody and I were driving from El Paso to Marfa, Texas last week to see Donald Judd's aluminum boxes and Dan Flavin's flourescent lights. As we were cruising down highway 90, I was concentrating on not running over the tarantulas that were crawling all over the road so I wasn't paying attention to the featureless landscape on either side of the car. All of a sudden, Melody said, "I think we just passed a Prada store". I said I thought that was unlikely, but Melody said we should turn around and check it out. As I was doing a three point turn on the empty highway, Melody suggested that the Prada store might be some Art. She was right.


chauncey said...

Wonderful! And nice pics too.

So, what's the story about the site?

chauncey said...

Woops. I can only plead distraction by Five.

Actually, I walked away from my computer before remembering that there was a link in your post.