Monday, September 10, 2007

Where's Trump-o?

See if you can find Donald Trump in this picture from the first round of the US Open.


Mr. Zedder to you said...

Uh, right in the middle, right below the parallelogram that's divided into three parts? For a good "Where's Waldo" pic, you've gots to put Waldo not in the middle.

That said, I'm loving celebrity spottings on your blog. McLovin it, in fact.

Nat Hansen said...

Yeah, that's him. He's ot very hard to find, I admit. I took the picture as a picture of him in the crowd, which makes trying to use it as a where's Waldo-type visual puzzle a little lame.

Eric said...

Hey, you were right in my 'hood.

Someone offered me some free tickets. I declined 'cause it was in the middle of my first week on the job.

I'm a dickhead.

Nat Hansen said...

I was there all day, which was a little exhausting because it was seriously hot. But I got to see Roddick, Sharapova and Blake. I probably spent $70 on refreshments.