Thursday, May 24, 2007

Strawson and Evans

I'm watching a 25 minute video of Strawson and Evans talking about truth, made for the Open University in 1973. They debate the merits of understanding truth in deflationary terms. Evans defends the proposal, Strawson criticizes it. Unsurprisingly, the video ends without resolving the issue. Strawson is about to respond to a proposal that Evans makes for delimiting the range of sentences for which the question of truth can arise in terms of what can be believed, when he looks up at the moderator and says that he won't be able to show why his approach is correct because they don't have enough time.


joyrexus said...


Curious as to where one can find this recording.

Have you by chance seen the Philosophy International Video Series (conversations w/ Quine, Davidson, and Strawson)? Perhaps the Mind Workshop would be willing to host a showing this summer?

Nat Hansen said...

I asked the library at the U of C to order it from this place:

I haven't seen anything from the series you mention--thanks for the reference. You should ask the library to order some.

joyrexus said...

Thanks. Yeah, I've been meaning to put in a request for the PI vids, at least for the Davidson series.

BTW, if you're interested in even more philosophically enlightening video ... I'm working with Jarda Peregrin and U of C's 'Humanities Computing' to get A/V of Brandom's Locke Lectures (recently redelivered in Prague) up in streamable and/or podcast form. I'm hoping we can post some of the follow-up commentary as well.

Anyway, if you're interested I can send you an email once it's all up.

Nat Hansen said...

Cool, yes, that'd be great.