Sunday, April 22, 2007

Chicago Spectacle

Melody got some tickets to the Bulls vs. Heat playoff game. I had never been to a professional basketball game.

Inside the United Center, the scene was awesome. It was packed, and the sound of the cheering fans was intense.

The fans seated around us were very enthusiastic. This guy danced and pointed with his foam finger during every time out.

The game itself was exciting and fast-paced, but most memorable was the range of entertainment between every quarter. It included:

-A Russian acrobat who balanced and did flips off of a narrow elastic board held by two strongmen

-The "Lovibulls", the Chicago Bulls dance squad, who did a precision dance to Limp Bizkit's "Rollin'"

-The "Inflatabulls", people dressed in 12 foot tall inflatable bull costumes, who ran a lap around the basketball court. One deflated hilariously halfway through the race.

-The "Breakabulls", a breakdancing team, who did headspins and windmills. One guy danced so enthusiastically that the centrifugal force of a spin forced his shirt off.

-The "Matadors", a precision dance team made up of fat guys wearing sunglasses, who pulled their shirts off to reveal their bellies.

-The Chicago Bulls acrobatic team, who jumped and flipped through an enormous, lime green jumprope. One guy bounced on his back through the jumprope while pulling his shirt over his face.

-A 20 foot long remote-controlled bull-shaped blimp that flew around the stadium and had to be deflated to be carried through one of the entryways at the end of the game.

-Free T-shirts that parachuted into the crowd from the ceiling.

The game was great. Chicago won.
(Photo by Melody)

After the game, there was an impressive display of fancy cars in the parking lot. Pictured above is a 1975 Pontiac Grand Ville.

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