Thursday, January 25, 2007

Indoor Soccer

The Intentionality All-Stars play the "Astros" this Sunday at 2.15 in Henry Crown Field House. Most of the teams have names that indicate where their players come from: our first game (which ended up 1-3) was against the Graduate School of Business. Our last game is against some LLMs (foreign law students). I refereed a game between the Pritzker (Medical) School and the Social Administration School. Social administration had a deadly striker and won 5-4. I have no idea what department or school the Astros hail from.

Today's practice only resulted in one injury.


Ben said...

Our dept. has two indoor soccer teams - one are the "Featherless Bipeds" the other I don't remember. But "A Tribe Called Quest for Truth" was rejected on the grounds that they might be mistaken for Christians.

Nat Hansen said...

I like "featherless bipeds".

By the way, dude, you need to either switch over to the updated version of blogger or make it easier to post comments on your blog because it won't let me post anything.