Friday, December 15, 2006

Oriental Institute Library

D.G. told me about this place in a comment on the previous post. The library is up on the second floor of the Oriental Institute. There's an Indiana Jones vibe up there--I walked past a couple of open offices stuffed with weird fetishes and piles of musty books. Maybe the Ark of the Covenant was up there.

The library was very pleasant. Quieter than the Div school library, with almost no traffic noise. The chairs were big wooden affairs, less comfy than the Div school but still conducive to study. I had a pleasant afternoon reading a couple chapters of Burtt's Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Science in here.


Charles P. Everitt said...

Hey, that Burtt book's a good time and that's a pretty sweet place to be reading it. What prompted reading the Burtt? (FYI: It's available supercheap online a lot of the time.)

I always thought the Oriental Institute should be more Indiana Jones-esque, by the way, so it's good to hear there's somewhere it gets the job done right.

Nat Hansen said...

Yeah, I think I can get it for something like $5.

I asked Jim if he had any recommendations for books on the history of early modern science, and he suggested the Burtt. I'm trying to get some interesting background material to use in the Phil Perspectives class next quarter.