Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Wiener Circle

Lincoln Park, February, 2006. (Picture slightly modified.)

Last year I tried submitting a related joke to McSweeney's Lists:

Title: Food Items You Might Find at Chicago's Wiener Circle Hot Dog Stand If Its Name Was Actually A Pun on the German Name of the Vienna Circle

(with thanks to Jay Elliott, John Haugeland, and Peter Machamer)

Chile con Carnap
Neurath's Frito Boat
Hot Dog on a Schlick
Jalapeno Poppers

I got a rejection letter saying that no one would "get it".

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The Beef Man said...

The long-lost "This American Life" episode on the Wiener Circle is now available on Which is kind of disappointing because I thought the reason it wasn't previously available was because it was too scandalous. (And I thought we would have to befriend Ira in order to get to hear it.)