Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Sidewalk, 55th & Kimbark.


Charles P. Everitt said...

Two things:

(1) I've noticed "Lizard" tags on many of the garbage cans around Hyde Park and on campus. For example, many of the garbage cans around 56th and Dorchester have them, as does the dumpster next to Stuart.

(2) I may be making this up, but I was under the impression that the Lizards were the kids who beat up all those people last year.

Nat Hansen said...


I assumed this was some kind of sidewalk art, since I've seen little kids drawing on the sidewalk in the same area in the past.

In any case, let me be clear that by posting this picture I in no way condone the violence of the Lizards.

Charles P. Everitt said...

I don't know if I believe that. I think I've seen some pretty pro-Lizard content on this site before.